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In 2022, the Tuscaloosa National Airport initiated a review of its primary management compliance documents (PMCD) to include the current Airport Minimum Standards and the Rules and Regulations.  The City retained the services of Kaplan, Kirsch, & Rockwell LLP to assist with the comprehensive review of airport policies.

Starting on February 14th, the proposed updates to Chapter 5 of the City of Tuscaloosa Code of Ordinances are available below for public comment through March 17th.  All interested persons may examine and review the Airport Rules & Regulations and the proposed Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Operators.  All comments may be submitted in writing to the Tuscaloosa National Airport or online through the contact form below.



Street Address

7601 Robert Cardinal Airport Rd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: (205) 248-5300


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Jeff Powell

Airport Director

Tonya Epps-Royal

Secretary, Sr

Tommy Turner

Assistant Airport Manager

William Watkins

Airport Maintenance Supervisor