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Copy of Gameday


Welcome to the Tuscaloosa National Airport.  Starting in 2017, the airport has implemented new procedures to enhance the safety and transportation of our guests.  The most noticeable change is the airport providing transportation to and from aircraft between overflow parking and the airport terminal.  At the main airport terminal is where crews can check-in, request aircraft services, and guests can arrange their transportation through the FBO’s shuttles, UBER/LYFT, rental cars, or personal transportation to and from the stadium.  Also, at the terminal, seating, college football coverage, and food/snacks will be available for crews and guests that are staying during the game or awaiting their ground transportation.

Depending on the time of the game, inbound aircraft are likely to have the choice to park at either FBO earlier on Saturday morning.  Two to three hours before the game, inbound aircraft should expect to park in overflow parking and arrange their transportation accordingly from the airport terminal.  It is highly recommended to consider your time of arrival and where you should arrange for a rental car, pick up, or ground transportation. 

As each FBO ramp's reach capacity, all aircraft parking will be located on the west side of the airfield in overflow parking where shuttles will provide transportation to the airport terminal.  All crews, please check-in upon your arrival with your preferred FBO handling your aircraft.  After the game, we ask that everyone (that is not parked at either FBO) return to the airport terminal where transportation will be provided back to their aircraft.

*For games expecting heavier traffic, we strongly encourage aircraft to arrive on Friday or early Saturday to avoid delays getting into the Tuscaloosa National Airport and to have adequate time for ground transportation to the University of Alabama's campus.

If you have any special requests related to reservations and transportation, please coordinate with either Dixie Air at (205) 333-3000 or Hawthorne Global at (205) 349-3991. It is highly recommended for all flight crews to reference the FAA's Notice to Airmen Publication (NTAP) for Tuscaloosa's Gameday Operations.  An available link is provided below.